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Day: February 25, 2011

Dawn Viens: Missing woman’s husband awakes from coma after jumping off cliff

UPDATE 2013 – David Viens told the Los Angeles County sheriff’s detectives that he put Dawn’s body in a 55-gallon drum filled with water and left her to simmer for four days in his restaurant near Long Beach, the Thyme Contemporary Café. During his trial he later recanted and stated he did not do that, but he […]

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Pricilla Ristick: 12-year-old found in Las Vegas

The 12-year-old girl that was last seen selling flowers in Georgia was found safe in Las Vegas. Pricilla had called her mother and told her that she was with a woman named Nancy. Then on Wednesday she called again and said she was calling from a Kroger in Atlanta. The next time Pricilla called the […]

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Pricilla Ristick: 12-year-old phones mom after she went missing FOUND

Pricilla has been found. The search for a missing 12-year-old from Georgia continues Friday, after the girl called her mother to tell her she was with a woman named Nancy. Pricilla Ristick disappeared after her Uncle went into a nearby Little Caesars to get pizza for them. They had been selling flowers on the corner. […]

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Carol Stallings Grannon: Remains of woman missing for 11-years found in manhole

Carol Stallings Grannon remains were found Thursday in the back yard of her house at the corner of Turner and Cook street. It is suspected that the police were tipped by Jeffery’s son, Josh, when he was arrested during a meth lab bust. “Our deputies received information after they read the suspect his rights about […]

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