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Noah Pippin: Missing Marine last seen in Michigan Found

UPDATE:  1/30/13 – Rosalie posted that she received notification from the California National Guard that Noah’s record has been cleared and he was reinstated in the Guard.

UPDATE:  Aug. 26 – Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton said he thinks Pippin  was seeking shelter from inclement weather and ducked behind some large boulders in a field near the Chinese Wall after being seen near there on Sept. 15, 2010. An icy rainstorm on Sept. 16, 2010, turned into a blizzard during the ensuing days and Noah succumbed to exposure.

UPDATE:   Sadly, the remains of Noah Pippin were found Friday, August 24, 2012 during a search for him in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area.

Wednesday, a search party made up of U.S. Border Patrol agents, Lewis and Clark law enforcement officers volunteers began another search for Noah with the goal to search for him for seven days.

Lewis and Clark County Coroner Mickey Nelson said that while a positive identification of the remains will take some time, he’s fairly sure it’s Pippin based on his discussion with the search party members.

“We have enough information that I have advised his family,” Nelson said. “The remains won’t be out until sometime (Saturday) or Sunday morning, then we’ll take them to the state crime lab.”

Nelson said that at this point, they have no idea on Pippin’s cause of death.

UPDATE:  Check out the message from Noah’s brother, Caleb below.
More about Noah here.

This is one of those cases where the media is not very involved.  The family is trying to get the word out that their son is missing, but they need help.  Please forward this to anyone in the area of Montana that may be able to help.  Please see this useful map.

Back Story:

Noah Pippin has been missing since August 2010, and his family needs help locating him.

Noah grew up in Michigan. His father, Mike said that Noah was an independent kid. “He loves to study, loves to think, loves to debate, loves history, loves philosophy and really found a home in the U.S. Marines.

Noah finished three tours in Iraq with the 1/5 Battalion from San Diego, then joined the National Guard. Noah left Michigan after visiting his family to prepared for his deployment to Afghanistan when he disappeared.

The authorities have been able to track Noah leaving Michigan on August 25. His last known location is Flathead Valley, Montana. His cell phone records show that he ordered a pizza and dropped off his rental car at the Glacier Park International Airport. Police also know that he stayed at the Hungry Horse hotel in Montana.

Several campers in the wilderness area reported seeing him farther along and off trail in mid-September. Noah was last seen September 15, 2010,  while trying to cross the Chinese Wall, a landmark in the wilderness area. A family that were camping ran into Noah and he said he planned to hike along the wall to White River.  At dusk that evening, a family encountered him just south of Salt Mountain.

If you have any information on Noah Pippin, please call 406-758-5600.

Note:  Disappeared did a great show on Noah.  Click here to see the video.


16 thoughts on “Noah Pippin: Missing Marine last seen in Michigan Found

  1. Update: Noah left my parents' house in late-August 2010 headed back to California in a rental car but he didn't show up for National Guard duty later in September. The first we knew that anything was amiss was when the National Guard folks called us asking where he was. The Michigan State Police were very slow to move forward with the case which prevented us from making much progress for a fair while last fall. The areas Noah disappeared in are very remote and mountainous and were of course not accessible during the winter months. From what we've been told by the Forrest Service these areas will not be clear enough of snow to travel again until mid-July of this year, so no one has been able to go back into those areas to search for Noah. We've only been very slowly getting more information. We finally found out from Noah's credit card statements and phone records that he stayed in Hungry Horse, MT the night of August 31. We then contacted the authorities in Montana and they and the Forrest Service have been very helpful in trying to track Noah down. We know that he hiked into the Flathead National Forrest/Bob Marshall Wilderness along the Eastern route which begins in Martin City, MT 48.391057,-114.030147. That he traveled past the area of the Spotted Bear Ranger Station 47.928593,-113.526278 and through the Blue Lakes area 47.920814,-113.282154. We've recently learned that he encountered a group of hunters near My Lake 47.742036,-113.14064 on 09/14/2010 which is in the back-country of the Bob Marshall Wilderness/Flathead National Forrest/Lewis and Clark National Forrest. He told them that he was headed to the White River Pass 47.7427,-113.12047 which is many miles South of My Lake. Later he encountered a family hiking near the Chinese Wall and Salt Mountain 47.688388,-113.145103 and indicated to them that he intended to go off trail at this point 47.651166,-113.120384 on the Chinese Wall where the trail detours East to go around the perimeter of some terrain.

    We're interested in finding people who have hiked these areas in the past or are planning on hiking them this year to ask them if they may have seen Noah last fall or if they're going to be in these areas if they could keep an eye out for any sign of him. If you can, please help us by getting this information to hiking groups or forums. Please let me know if there's any more information that would be helpful to you or if you have any suggestions for communicating with hikers who use those areas.


  2. I believe i saw him with a lady and 2 boys @ logans Restuant in owasso,Olkahoma.december around the 12th 2011

  3. No, Anonymous, the last we knew Noah had no tattoos and doesn't go in for them.
    Noah's Mom

  4. Daryl, Thank you so much for your posting here! Did you already contact the Flathead County, Montana Sheriff at 406 758-5610? Dick Sine is the detective.

    Noah's Mom, Rosalie Pippin

  5. Our prayers go out to your family. We just watched your story on Amazon. It is terrible that our guys are doing 2-3-4 tours in combat! God's speed and protection Noah!

  6. I live in Hungry Horse Mt., and have closely followed the story of Noah's disappearance as much as I can through all that is available to the public. I truly believe in my heart that Noah is still alive. Based on everything I have read about him, and the witness accounts from the last people to have seen him on the trails in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, leaves only two possible scenarios that could have happened. 1) He met an unfortunate end due to several factors or a combination therof. A)Not prepared with proper gear and supplies. B)Heading off of main trails nearing the Chinese Wall area(extremely dangerous). C)Moving at an unsafe rate of speed through the wilderness, ie; Bears, Falls, Exhaustion, Dehydration etc etc etc.. Or 2) He planned his own disappearance and made a successful “elevated and escalated” hike through the wilderness and was picked up by someone at designated location. A)He was ill-equipped for such a journey through a vast wilderness, of which the terrain and distance he obviously had thoroughly researched prior to coming here. B) He obviously had a destination in mind that he vigorously was attempting to get to in a very short amount of time for some reason.. Anybody who has researched these wilderness areas enough to come here and hike through them, especially a highly trained and skilled Marine Combat Veteran, knows the inherent dangers involved, and the distances required to cover such a journey.. I do not believe a man as smart as Noah would have come here to die in the wilderness of Montana. If that were the case, nobody would have seen him at all on the trails. And the fact he was packing light and moving at a rapid pace, and seemed to “have alot on his mind” etc etc etc.. It just seems more likely to me that he knew what he was doing when he came in contact with the people he did while out in the wilderness. He knew what to tell them about planning to go off the main trails in an area that just doesnt make sense to do so, and an area that if a person fell off the cliffs they could possibly never be found due to the vastness of the terrain. It just doesnt add up to me, and this is my back yard.. People disappear here are usually found at some point, and nothing in my own “investigation” if you want to call it that, adds up to Noah coming here and falling victim to a tragic accident in the Bob Marshall where nobody can find him. It all points in the direction that he planned to come here, and he planned to make a hasty trek through the wilderness never to be seen again.. I believe he is alive somewhere. This is solely my opinion based on what I know about the land, and all I have read about Noah and his disappearance… God Bless Noah and the entire Pippin family..

  7. Mrs. Pippin, I do not know if you come to this site any longer. I had just finished watching the show “Disappeared” regarding your Son, Noah. I searched the internet to see if he'd been found and want to share with you my condolences as I see he did not make it after all. So sorry for your family's loss. God bless, Shel in Virginia.

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