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Jonathan Kyle Ferguson: Note from a reader

I hear people’s theories on what happened to someone, and also very direct comments about the suspect and what should be done with them on this column and at the Examiner, a lot.   I can’t blame anyone for that.  I would love to get a hold of some of these people and give them a tongue lashing, myself.

I was, like a lot of people, surprised when Jonathan “Kyle” Ferguson returned to the base.  Believe me, I was very happy, but surprised because so many of these cases when someone goes off alone, they are never heard from again, or are found dead.  Anytime anyone is found again, whether they “disappeared” themselves or not, it doesn’t matter it is a reason to celebrate.

All the feedback on this young man was that he would not go missing.  He had already just finished a tour in Afghanistan and had a supporting family, so it just didn’t add up that a man this brave would willing go missing, and scare his family and friends.

The circumstances are not completely out on what happened, but I did get a note from a friend of the family. Rev Sam.  He confirms what an outstanding young man, Kyle is and to not judge him to harshly.

I totally agree.  What he saw and what he faced while fighting for our freedom, many of us will never know, or will have to know because of his bravery.

I guess Rev. Sam has been seeing a lot of criticism regarding Kyle and considering him a deserter.  In part he says:

“I would like to thank everyone who was involved in the search of Kyle Ferguson. My thanks also go to those who prayed for him. Praise God he is alive. I would ask that all persons refrain from negative comments about his character or speculations about motives concerning his disappearance.”

I agree, it is not necessary to kick this young man while he is down.  I personally am thrilled he was located and the circumstances surrounding his disappearance don’t matter.  He is alive, he is safe and he has returned to his family.  That is all that matters, and I wish that I had the power to give that to every single family of a missing person.


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