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Zachary Green: Still missing from New York

Update:   A phone call from a boater who had spotted a body led police to the Esopus Creek Sunday.  The police found the body of Zachary, and positively identified him through dental records.

Police did a search under the ice for missing Zachary Green, but nothing was found.  The search was based on a tip they had received.  Anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to call the Kingston Police Department at (845) 331-1671.

2 thoughts on “Zachary Green: Still missing from New York

  1. I think the family should try a Private Investigator. They're pretty good at it when they need to locate someone new york. It worked for me last year, when my senile father left home without leaving a note or anything. These guys found him after 2 days in the neighbor town. Good luck with the searches.

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