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Colorado woman found, Durham boy still missing

UPDATE:  Vania Rae Sisk pleaded guilty Wednesday to second-degree murder, first-degree kidnapping and conspiracy to commit murder in the death of Antoinetta Yvonne McKoy and to being an accessory after the fact of murder in the death Jadon Higganbothan, who was Sisk’s 4-year-old son.According to WRAL, Sisk and McKoy, 28, were members of a sect that lived in a home on Pear Tree Lane in southeast Durham, which was led by Peter Lucas Moses.  It was Moses who Jadon in the head because he thought the boy was gay.  Moses ordered McKoy killed and  Sisk shot and killed her, prosecutors said.  McKoy’s and Jadon’s bodies were found June 2011 buried behind a house on Ashe Street in Durha.

The mother of a missing boy mom turns herself in, but son is still missing. Vania Sisk, the mother that went missing in Colorado Springs last week, was located on Tuesday, but her 5-year-old son, Jadon Higganbotham remains missing. Vania turned herself in to the El Paso County sheriff’s office after she learned that police were looking for her, Lt. Lari Sevene stated.

Tania Sisk
The police are piecing things together and have found that Vania may be part of a religious group which is being investigated by Durham, N.C., police after a member reported seeing abuse of children, a Teller County investigator said.
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