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Bethany Anne Decker: Missing pregnant woman from Ashburn still missing

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UPDATE:  12/12/14 – Vickie Willoughby, Ronald Roldan’s girlfriend, shot Roldan
in the chest and in the abdomen, on Nov. 12, 2014, during a domestic disturbance.  Roldan grabbed Willoughby’s 38 caliber handgun and shot her once in the head. She ran fled to a neighbor’s home, where police found her.

Willoughby will not be charged, according to police, because she fired in self-
Loudoun County investigators have said this is the same Ronald Roldan that was living with Decker before she disappeared.

Bethany Anne Decker from Ashburn, Virginia is still missing.  According to this video during a press conference with Bethany’s mother, it was a little unusual that Bethany did not go with her husband to the airport when he left for Afghanistan. 


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