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Dawn Viens: Authorities call off search for body under floor in restaurant

UPDATE 2013 – David Viens told the Los Angeles County sheriff’s detectives that he put Dawn’s body in a 55-gallon drum filled with water and left her to simmer for four days in his restaurant near Long Beach, the Thyme Contemporary Café. During his trial he later recanted and stated he did not do that, but he had tied her up so he could have some peace and when he came back found hours later she was dead.  David had his daughter Jacqueline, who ended up testifying against him, to send a text message from Dawn’s phone saying she was in Florida.  David was sentenced to 15-years to life for the murder of Dawn.  Dawn’s remains are still missing.

First the police are sure that Dawn is buried under the restaurant foundation and two days later they say she’s not. Police are very good on their hunches. When they say they believe something, they are right on, so imagine my surprise to find out they missed on this one.

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