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Jessie Bender missing Hesperia teen hiding from arranged marriage in Pakistan

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Jessie Bender, 13, was found safe on Wednesday at a hotel in Apple Valley.

This case started out as a runaway, but it became scary, because the mom said that Jessie was talking to a man on Facebook and she believed Jessie went to meet up with him.

The term “internet predator” was thrown around and the police got serious. They passed go and went directly to this man’s house asking where she was. Turned out they found no foul play.

Jessie’s extended family, her Aunt and Uncle, finally figuring out the police were serious about finding Jessie, and confessed that they had her held up in a hotel room in Apple Valley. Why? Because Jessie’s mom was going to take Jessie to Pakistan for an arranged marriage.

Back to the mother, who never mentioned anything to the police about taking her daughter to Pakistan. The mother says yeah, she was taking her to Pakistan, but it was a visit for two months so her daughter could visit her step-father’s native home. Hmmmm.

So, before you make up your mind on whose telling the truth, take a look at the video of the mom talking and you will see the “dad” in the background. What do you think? Arranged marriage or normal family with an over-dramatic teen?
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