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Exclusive 13-year-old child exploited for Pakistani-arranged marriage for $3,000

I am very excited to share with you an exclusive interview.  There is information in this article that you will find nowhere else:
Through an exclusive interview of an estranged family member, more information has come out on Friday about the story of the missing 13-year-old child from Hesperia, California that was hiding, so she wouldn’t be taken to Pakistan for an arranged marriage.
Mo, and an unknown person and Melissa Bender

At first, authorities thought that Jessie Bender, had run away to be with an online predator, but it turned out that her Uncle had her stashed at an Apple Valley motel, so that her mother wouldn’t take her to Pakistan for an arranged marriage.  Melissa Bender, Jessie’s mother, kept that very important information about the planned trip to Pakistan from authorities.  She told the police that she was taken Jessie to Pakistan for a two month visit so she could see the native homeland of her boyfriend, Mo.

Through  an unnamed estranged family member of Jessie Bender, who is personally aware of the circumstances surrounding her disappearance, new information has been obtained from an email document:  Click below to read the whole interview.
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