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Venus Stewart: Mystery of her disappearance disclosed FOUND

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Venus Stewart missing Michigan

The disappearance of Venus Stewart was one of the first stories I wrote on back in 2010.  I remember being perplexed about what could have happened to her.  Today, October 22, 2018 the police announced that Venus’ husband led detectives to her remains, Michigan State Police reports. Douglas Stewart led the police to U Avenue East between 42nd Street and 39th Street in Kalamazoo County, where remains were found.  Although, a positive identification on the remains will need to be made, the police believe it is Venus.


Venus Rose Stewart went to the mail box in her pajamas in April 26, 2010 and then disappeared. What happened to Venus has been a mystery for a long time as to what actually happened to her when she walked to get the mail that morning. It would be weeks later till the rest of the story comes out and we find out that Venus likely was abducted by her estranged husband, Douglas Stewart. Venus’ father, Larry McComb, said there was signs of a struggle on the front yard of his home in Colon Township, Michigan.  Venus was staying there with him and his wife, Therese and Venus’ children, age 3 and 5.

Police first believed that Stewart might have been abducted by her estranged husband, Douglas Harrie Steward, 29, but Douglas had an alibi.

Police uncovered information that the Douglas that was in Virginia during Venus’ disappearance wasn’t Douglas after all, but actually an impostor.  Douglas’ alibi was that he was at his attorney’s office in Newport News that morning, now it seems that it wasn’t actually him, but Richard Spencer from Delaware.
Spencer spilled the beans and also said that Stewart told him he killed Venus. Come to find out, that Stewart called Venus pretending to be a mailman with a package.  When Venus came outside to get it, he grabbed her.  Stewart was arrested and was put on trial for her murder even though Venus has never been found.


According to CBS affiliate WWMT, the police began building a case and court documents said that detectives found a blood stain on Douglas Stewart’s truck on the driver’s side door and a receipt from an Ohio Wal-Mart for purchases for gloves, a shovel and a tarp the day before Venus disappeared. The authorities also removed items from Douglas’ home that he used to live in with Venus in Virginia.

A local CBS station reported that the documents say that the tire impressions taken at the scene where Venus disappeared, matches the pattern of the tire’s on Douglas Stewart’s truck.
There is also a report that a neighbor saw a man crouched behind a gray pick-up truck that was parked on an empty lot across the street from Venus’ parents home where she was staying when she vanished.

Police had also released a sketch of a suspect who may be connected to the disappearance. Two witnesses spotted a man on nearby Adam’s Lake and they said he was wet and approached the witnesses for a cigarette.

The information Spencer provided helped the judge to decide to move forward to trial.  Douglas was  convicted in March 2011 with first-degree premeditated murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree premeditated murder of Venus.

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