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San Diego State University student missing in Spain (video) FOUND

Austin Taylor Bice
UPDATE:  5/10/11 – The final autopsy report indicates an accidental drowning death with no signs of external violence, a Spanish court official said on Tuesday.

“There was nothing found in the body that would indicate external factors in the death. There were no wounds on the body,” said the official from Madrid’s Superior Justice Tribunal. The autopsy also showed a “high level” of alcohol in the blood.

Original story:  A San Diego State University student has disappeared in Madrid.

Austin Taylor Bice, 22, was last seen by his friends on February 25 when he was turned away from a night club.
According to reports he went out to a club with five of his friends and all of them got in except for Austin who was denied because the doorman said he was too drunk, although his friends said he was not.
Bice was studying international business for a semester at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.
Bice’s father, Larry Bice was in Madrid on Saturday to search for his son.
Austin’s cell phone was still sending out a signal after his disappearance.
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