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Why you should hire a Private Investigator when someone goes missing

As soon as someone goes missing the very first thing we do is contact the police.  The police take a report and they let the rest of the police dept. know that someone is missing and away they go to search.
You have faith, your excited, the police are going to search for your loved one, but after a few days, things get quiet.  You are hearing nothing.  The police tell you they are still looking, but you suspect they have other things they are doing.
If the media happened to pick up the story, you might even get a couple of more days of attention on your missing person (MP).  If there is a “hook” to their missing story that the media can latch on to, then maybe a few more days, and then, nothing.  The media has moved on, the police keep telling you they have no new information and you have become frustrated and hopeless.
Let me give you an example:  Juana Caltzontzin Martinez, 52, from San Diego, Calif. , went missing on December 31, 2010 while on her way to a casino.  The media had their “hook” with the casino byline, and all the San Diego media ran the story.  Everyone was alerted about her disappearance.   
The story started to die and then the family told the media that Juana’s wallet had been found on a sidewalk in El Cajon.  This helped keep the story in the media a little bit longer.
It has been 2 months and the last story written about Juana was in January.  I have searched for information on her to see if she was found and I can’t find anything.  The police know that she is still missing, but they have exhausted all leads and are not aggressively searching for her anymore, and poor Juana has been forgotten by the media, and subsequently the public. Where does that leave the family?  Wondering and worried.
But, what if the the family had hired a private investigator.  He may have not found Juana, but he would have been able to keep the story alive by giving information to the family and then the family giving the information to the media.  Maybe the PI would hear on the streets that Joe Sanchez in Lakeside overheard a conversation in a bar in El Cajon about this guy that grabbed a woman’s purse.  He brings that information back to the family, the family tells the media, the media reports it and then the police are renewed and following a new lead to Juana.
What is the PI going to do that the police won’t?  He is going to keep on searching.  No matter how loud the family screams that your loved one would never “just disappear” the police don’t believe you.  Police are toughened up to MP’s.  Hundreds of times they have searched for someone, and later found they left on their own accord, so after awhile this rookie cop that began as a super hero, swearing to fight all crime, truth, justice and the American way, is now complacent.  Don’t get mad at him, it’s the nature of the business.  That’s where your PI can help.  He is not shaded by the fact that your MP might have left on their own free will, because he doesn’t care.  He is getting paid to find the person, not the reason they left. 

6 thoughts on “Why you should hire a Private Investigator when someone goes missing

  1. Thanks, I actually wish there was a nonprofit detective agency. That way more people would be able to hire a PI, that couldn't afford it.

  2. This is a great Story it's to bad that PI are so much Money Because My daughter has been missing sense 2-9-2014 police stink and no new leads. so my 16 year old just forgotten like all the rest of them out there. We hired a PI but were out of money in 2 weeks. So now we are left on our own. I have hope and faith that we will find her.

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