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Missing SDSU student’s family hires professional operatives

The family and friends of missing San Diego State University student, Austin Bice, that is missing in Madrid, have hired a private company called the Halo Corporation, to look for Austin.
I wrote in one of my articles the how and why it is important to hire a private investigator if you have a loved one that is missing.
I believe the Bice family have made a smart choice in hiring the Halo Corp. They are the best of the best and I wish them luck, although I doubt they need it. They are a group of bad-ass men. They are hero’s and they are the one’s that will be able to bring back Austin. 
The Halo Corporation, is a San Diego-based security firm founded by Brad Barker and his team of former Special Ops, National Security and Intelligence personnel that specialize in retrieving people who have been abducted or kidnapped. They have been featured on the Discovery Channel series “Kidnap & Rescue”. If you get a chance, take a look at the video.
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