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Body found in Georgia may be missing 85-yr-old Gladis Russell

Gladis and Richard Russell

It looks as thought the body of Gladis Russell has been found. We all knew that it was probably going to end this way. My mother is in her 80’s now and when you are around someone that is that age, you can see how vulnerable they are. It doesn’t take much to knock them off their feet or hurt them, so for this crazed man Samuel Littleton, who “allegedly” hurt and killed this senior couple is atrocious.  The Coroner’s Report says he beat and stabbed Dick Russell. There is absolutely no reason he had to do that. When you look at the picture of Gladis and Dick, you can’t help but think what a nice couple they must have been. How they must have helped others through their lives and were probably generous souls. I am so sorry this happened to you Dick and Gladis. RIP

“A body found in Albany Georgia may be the body of a missing 85–year-old woman that has been missing since February.

A farmer that was in his cotton field, putting in a new well, came across the body that authorities believe is likely that of Gladis Russell.

Gladis Russell, 85, and her husband Richard Russell, 84, of Bellefontaine, Ohio, disappeared on February 16th. Dick Russell’s body was found in Chattanooga, Tennessee on February 26, which is about 20 miles from where the woman’s remains were found. The coroners report said that Dick Russell had been beaten and stabbed.

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