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Abuse and discovery of third missing boy in 10-yr missing children case

Austin and Edward Bryant
UPDATE:A Linda Bryant accused of pocketing more than $150,000 in welfare support while for years concealing the disappearance of two adopted boys was sentenced Friday, March 23, 2012 to 42 years in prison.

Police report abuse and the existence of another missing boy from the case of the children that have been missing for ten years.

Court documents show that Linda and Edward Bryant not only adopted Austin Eugene Bryant and Edward Dylan Bryant, but they also adopted a third boy, in 2000. His name has not been released, but he has also been missing for years. There has been reports that the Bryants may have adopted up to eight children. If this turns out to be true, I can’t help but wonder how this couple was able to “fool” the Dept. of Human Resources.
Austin has been missing for 7 years and Edward has been missing for 10 years, with the last “verifiable time that Edward Bryant was alive was 2001.” The last time they can prove Austin was alive was in 2003, when Linda took him out of Monument school to start home schooling him.
There was also reports of abuse and the Bryant’s using a Taser gun.
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