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Day: March 12, 2011

What happens when remains are found?

We have seen it on the news, a forensic team is surrounding the remains of an unknown person to try and identify who this person is and how they died.   The lengthy forensic process is painstakingly carried out by the team, so that closure can be brought to the family. When someone is found that […]

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Shelley Mook: Witness sees missing Newbedford teacher enter ex-husband’s home

Shelley Mook Shelbyville Police are reported that an eyewitness saw Shelley Mook enter her ex-husband’s home. This is contrary to what was first reported that Shelley dropped their daughter, Lilly, off at her ex-husband’s house in Shelbyville, Tenn. This is an interesting twist to the story, and IMO it explains a lot. Continue reading on […]

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Families in limbo, when a loved one goes missing

Here is another article that brings to light how most people don’t get the attention that they need when they go missing.  It also reiterates what I wrote about in my article about not waiting to report your missing person missing.  Check out this article, “When families are in limbo when a loved one goes […]

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