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Day: March 15, 2011

How to increase your chances of a loved one being found

Photos are not enough, we need videos of missing persons.  Here’s why… Superman Sneakers The Superman/Clark Kent Syndrome How to increase your chances your missing loved one will be found I was watching a TV show a little while back and they decided to do an experiment to see how well people pay attention to […]

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Sandra Meyer: Missing woman from Bend, Oregon

Sandra Meyer March 23 post Shocking news!  Sandra’s husband has been found dead.  As soon as I get the info I will post it. Okay here it is, click here. They have found Sandra Meyer’s car at the Old Mill shopping center and they are still looking for her.  If you are in the area, […]

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JJ Willman: Body of missing Woodson Terrace teen found

JJ Wilman Sad ending for JJ Wilman the 19-year-old young man that went missing in Woodson Terrace, Missouri. They have found his body and they believe he was murdered. I hope they are able to catch whoever did it. Continue reading on JJ Willman: Body of missing Woodson Terrace teen found – National missing […]

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Yasmin Acree missing teen from Illinois

Yasmine Acree It seems that Jimmie Terrell Smith, has “kinda” confessed to knowing what happened to Yasmin Acree.  He says he knows what happened to Yasmin, but won’t say anymore.  I think he knows what happened to her because he was responsible.    “Jimmie Terrell Smith faces charges in the rapes of five girls and […]

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