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Yasmin Acree missing teen from Illinois

Yasmine Acree
It seems that Jimmie Terrell Smith, has “kinda” confessed to knowing what happened to Yasmin Acree.  He says he knows what happened to Yasmin, but won’t say anymore.  I think he knows what happened to her because he was responsible. 
“Jimmie Terrell Smith faces charges in the rapes of five girls and women between 2006 and 2009 and two allegedly kidnappings, plus attempted murder, in one of the cases.

During a jailhouse interview, Smith told Chicago Tribune reporters that he knew what happened to missing 15-year-old Yasmin Acree, but he would not elaborate.  Yasmin’s diary has recently been found by Tribune reporters and in the diary, Yasmin’s mentioned Smith. 
I hope the police continue to pursue this until Yasmin is found.  It’s only right.
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