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Martha Maxwell: Husband of missing wife arrested for torturing woman for 2 weeks – National missing persons |

I want to pop in here and say that the police dept. on this case needs to be commended.  Because of them they have saved a woman’s life.  If they had not kept on this case and continued to search for Lois Pearson, who Jeffrey Maxwell, was holding hostage in his home, I believe she would have eventually been killed.  The police took a witnesses account of a car they had seen and the information that Jeffrey had been harassing her in the past and decided Jeffrey must be talked to, thus leading to the discovery of Lois.  Great police work, guys!

Martha Martinez Maxwell disappeared in 1992 from Fort Worth, Texas. Her husband, Jeffrey Maxwell, said he didn’t know where she was and was granted a divorce in 1994, according to KDFW.

Fast forward 20 years and Jeffrey is arrested on Tuesday, after admitting he taken a woman at gunpoint. The affidavit says that the 62-year-old woman was sexually assaulting and tortured for 13 days, while being strung up on a on a “deer-skinning rack” in Jeffrey’s garage in Corsica.
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