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Tina Adovasio: Missing Bronx mother

Tina Advoasio

Update:  It looks as though Tina’s body has been found.  No confirmation at this point, but it will probably come in the morning (Thursday).  I will get info and post it here in the morning.

Police are working fast on this case. Already they have looked at surveillance and checking Tina’s cell phone pings.  In the surveillance video police saw a man, who they believe is Edwin Coello, taking a duffell bag out to a double-parked car, and then go back inside and come back out with a large item that was big enough to be a person. Speculations is it could be a rolled up rug. Also, Tina’s cell phone has pinged in two different areas. The police say Tina’s body may have been dumped in one place and then her belongings in another. My only problem with this is that Coello, who is an “unofficial” suspect in this case (meaning the police have not called him a suspect) was an ex cop. I think he would have enough since to not carry around Tina’s phone. Anyone knows you can trace someone to the general area by their cell phone, so to carry it along with you while you “dump” a body, doesn’t make much sense.

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Tina Adovasio: Missing Bronx mother’s cell phone pinged on Monday – National missing persons |

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