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Hailey Dunn: Shawn Adkin’s found in Billie Jean’s house

Billie Jean Dunn Mug Shot
Billie Jean Dunn, the mother of missing 13-year-old Texas cheerleader, Hailey Dunn, was arrested late Thursday evening on charges of hindering apprehension and prosecution and drug charges and appeared in court on Friday.

Billie Jean was arrested when the police came to her house looking for Shawn Adkins, her boyfriend, and she told the police he was not there.

“On Thursday, March 17, Judge John Hyde authorized an evidentiary search warrant for Howard County law enforcement officers in connection with an existing criminal investigation,” said a spokesperson for the Colorado City Police Dept.

The other charge was a drug charge for a prescription medication that Billie Jean did not have a prescription for.

In the meantime, police served a search warrant at Shawn Adkin’s grandmothers house and authorities hauled away boxes and blankets and other miscellaneious items from the house. The other search warrant was for Shawn himself. They want DNA and fingerprints.

Billie Jean was in court today and bail was set for $6,500. She will remain Mitchell County Jail, until she posts bail.

Billie Jean, 33, reported her daughter missing December 28. Her live-in boyfriend, Shawn Adkins was named a person of interest in the case. Shawn Adkins has not been arrested.So, here’s the scoop on Billie Jean.

More details:  Police showed up at her house with two search warrants, one was for Shawn Adkins’ grandmother’s house and the other was for Shawn Adkins, himself, meaning they wanted samples of Adkins’ DNA or fingerprints.
So, how does Billie Jean fit in to all this?  Police came to Billie’s house looking for Shawn and allegedly, you know I got to use that word, Billie lied to them about where Shawn was, which led to the charges.
So, guess what?  Shawn was there, and the police served the warrant to him.  Isn’t this the same woman that said she they were separated until she found out where Hailey was?
The other charge was for drugs which turns out to be a prescription medication that Billie Jean did not have a prescription for.
In the meantime, police have hauled away boxes and blankets from Shawn’s grandmothers house.  I assumed it probably was all Shawn’s stuff.
A judge set the bail for Billie Jean for $6,500.  The break down is $2,500 for the hindering apprehension and prosecution charges and $1,500 for making a false report to police officers, and the rest for the drug charge.

Billie Jean is still in the Mitchell County Jail.  She will stay there until she can post bail.

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  1. Hailey is from a very small town in Texas, and the police force is very small. The fires that have been widespread in Texas may have held this investigation back. The fires are now contained, hopefully, investagators can start back to work on finding Hailey. I only hope that the fires didn't destroy any evidence in this case.

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