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Michelle Kristen DeGrace: Missing from Michigan, may be injured

Michelle Kristen DeGrace
Michelle’s body has been found!  New post will be up very soon with all info.  Click here for update

 Volunteer Search Party on Saturday.  Call Sheriff’s Office at 586-307-9412 if you want to join.

Michelle Kristen DeGrace, 40, is missing in Shelby Township, Michigan.  Her husband had already called the Shelby Township police to report that she was missing.  Police say that there were “notes” left in her home, but won’t say what the notes were about.  Police have gone all out to find her today, particularly because her car was found to have some blood in it.  They are not sure what that means, but they are figuring she probably is injured and they want to get to her before night falls.  I have been checking the “wire” but have not seen that she has been found yet, and it’s approaching 10:00 p.m. in Michigan right now.  The sun must be down, but I bet you the police are still searching.  I hope they know our hearts are with them.

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