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Hailey Dunn: Billie Jean Dunn has doubts

Billie Jean Dunn Mug Shot
So, get this.  I read this article by KTXS who interviewed Billie Jean.  Billie was arrested on Thursday for drugs and hindering a prosecution, because she told the police that her boyfriend, Shawn Adkins was not there and he was. 
During the interview, (kudos to KTXS for a good job) Billie Jean said, after she was interrogated by the police, “I tried to stand by him at first because I really felt like I knew him. I know he wouldn’t hurt Hailey and why would he, but after I talked to investigators it puts doubt in my mind.”

Billie said this almost three months ago, when she told everyone that you told Shawn to move out, and he was living with his grandmother.

What happened,  Did you think that after the media calmed down, you could bring the “jackass” back into house.  Then you get caught red-handed with him in the house and you cover your butt by coming up with the exact thing you said two month ago that you are doubting him…again!

Regardless, what you were doing, the big question is, why did you lie to the police when they asked if Shawn was at your door?  Why would you do that?  Why wouldn’t you say, he’s right here?  Better yet, answer this question, why were you hiding him in the first place?  

Because, you have been playing a game from the very beginning.

Billie Jean is just smart enough to know that people are going to wonder why she lied to the police and has to come up with something.  But, she didn’t figure that the public was going to remember she already kicked him out of the house two months ago.  

Now, I’m suspected the reason she kicked him out.  I don’t think it was because she was doubting him, it was because Adkins was taking the limelight away from her.  

Remember, Billie opened up her house and let the media practically live there 24 hours a day while the search was on.   

Billie’s ex-husband, Clint has doubts about her.  He told KTXS that when he heard that Billie Jean had been arrested, he thought she was being “arrested for something with Hailey.” 

Frankly, I just don’t know how the guy has stayed so strong under the circumstances.  A weaker person would have kicked both their asses by now.  


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