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Rachel Uchitel is looking for Missing Persons

Rachel Uchitel, AP
Rachel Uchitel, 36, rumored to be one of Tiger Wood‘s ex-girlfriends (she currently is with Matt Hahn, 26, an insurance underwriter and former Penn State football star) has told the New York Post that she is interested in finding missing persons.
“Obviously, people want to go down the ‘cheating’ road and assume it’s all about me finding cheating spouses, but I’m less interested in that. I’m more interested in cases that haven’t made it on Nancy Grace or Jane Velez-Mitchell, but are just as important. Missing people, cold cases…I want to solve cases for the underdog, for people who don’t have a voice,” said Uchitel.
Uchitel was trained at the L.A.-based DGA Detectives Academy, and she will be working at Dale Gustafson‘s PI firm.  
Great news, we can use all the people we can get to look for missing persons and you all know that I believe that PI’s are an essential, sometimes necessary part in finding any missing person.
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