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Declan Crouch: Video of missing boy

Update:  Police divers found Declan’s body in a mangrove swamp area near his Machans Beach home on June 1.  His family had to wait over a week for DNA confirmation that it was the 13-year-old.

Cairns Police Detective Senior Sergeant Glenn Horan said the death was not suspicious and it appeared the teenager had taken his own life.

A little while back I told you how important I think it is to include video along with pictures when someone goes missing, in my “How to Increase your Chances of a Loved one being Found.”  I explain what I call the Superman/Clark Kent syndrome of identifying people. Click here to read the story.

Which leads me to the story of a missing boy in Queensland

The police are perplexed and are searching for Declan Crouch, 13, and are asking the media to spread the word about him. As usually they have a photo of Declan and that’s it.
Now a video of him has been released (see above). This is huge!  Someone has taken many different videos of Declan and put them together into one video and is distributing it to the media.
Video of anyone is so much better than photos because you can recognize a person by their body movements and help make a positive identification. With a picture, many times you are second guessing if it is the right person or not.
I hope more people take note of this and begin posting videos of their loved ones.

Go here to read more about Declan’s story.

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