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Michelle DeGrace: Possible Explanation of what happened

Michelle DeGrace
A lot of people, including myself have wondered what happened to Michelle. We want to respect the families privacy, but we also want to know what happened to her. When it came out that it was suicide, most of us were left confused. I kinda figured that was probably what happened after I heard there were notes left in the house, etc., but I couldn’t help but still wonder what could have happened to her or anyone else for that matter that would want to take their own life.
Then I found a comment on the blog that seems to explain it all. Although it is written by Anonymous, and you have to consider that it may not be true, it would explain what happened. And even if it is not true, it could explain why other’s have resulted to suicide.  Losing jobs, foreclosing of peoples home have left many devastated.  Right here in my home town a man shot his wife, set his house on fire and shot himself because the bank was foreclosing on his house and he had lost his job. Unreasonable, unnecessary and just plain stupid most would say, but just for a second you can understand why it seemed like the only way out.

“Suicide sometimes proceeds from cowardice, but not always; for cowardice sometimes prevents it; since as many live because they are afraid to die, as die because they are afraid to live.” Charles Caleb Colton 

Here’s what the post said.
“Anonymous said…

I’m sorry, but If you must know, She did commit suicide, she got out of controll with her spending habit’s and her husband knew nothing of it and her home was being forclosed on, the bank came to her home that day, the day she left, she felt she had no other option, in her mind it was her only way out of the situation. she didnt know what to do or how to tell her husband. she felt she let her family down.”
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