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Vanessa Loftus-Brewers: Missing San Diego Attorney

Update: Vanessa Loftus-Brewer has been found alive and in good condition.

Vanessa Loftus-Brewers, 28, went to a meditation center in LA and then disappeared.

“She left her vehicle, purse, car keys and all possessions for unknown reasons, and walked away from the location.  Her family and friends say that is is uncharacteristic behavior for her not to have contact with them, and are concerned for her well-being,” said the Los Angeles police dept.

Vanessa was last seen at the Self-Realization Shrine at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday.

Vanessa works in private practice for Palmer, Rodak and Associates Lawfirm in  Oceanside
Vanessa is 5’7″ tall, 135 pounds with brown eyes and brown hair.  She was lsat seen wearing a blue long-sleeve shirt and blue jeans.

If you see Vanessa, please cal 911 or LAPD at 213-996-1800.

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