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Rebecca Coriam: Little info on the fate of Disney Wonder crew member

Rebecca Coriam

Update March 30, Police rule no foul play

Anything that is Disney has always been happy, so when something sad happens, it seems to be double sad.  The news about a young woman, Rebecca Coriam disappearing off the Disney Wonder ship is hitting many people hard, as it happened at a place that is suppose to be happy and carefree and innocent.  A place where you can go where all the “adult” things in life can’t reach you. 

Answers are so badly needed, that many are jumping to conclusion just so that can get some sense of closure.

But, why is there no information coming out?  With news hounds able to sniff out the smallest lead and people with information wanting to talk, we should know something by now.

It has been my experience that when things go quiet, it is because it is suicide based.  Murders, killings, kidnaps, beatings, rapes, that kind of information is plenty and graphic and uncensored, but suicides are keep quiet, from the top down, as though authorities believe that it’s no ones business but the family’s. 

Rebecca’s parents have already headed back to England after collect Rebecca’s things from the ship. 

“We just do not know what happened to her, do we?  That is the worst,” said Ann.

Your right, Ann, that is the worse.

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