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Day: March 31, 2011

Lesley Herring: Cold case – Missing woman from Hollywood

UPDATE 4/9/13 – Jurors convicted Lyle Herring of second degree murder. He faces 15 years to life in prison. Sentencing is set for June 7. My friends on the Nancy Grace show have let me know they will be airing a story about Lesley Herring, who I did a story on last year. Grace will […]

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Rebecca Coriam: Investigators rule “no foul play”

Rebecca Coriam Police in the Bahamas have concluded their onboard inquiries. “With respect to the investigation into the disappearance of Miss Rebecca Coriam from the Disney Wonder cruise ship, the Royal Bahamas Police has concluded its investigation on board the vessel. At the present time there is no evidence to suggest foul play. The case […]

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Promila Mehta-Paul: Ex husband says he hasn’t talk to Promila in 20 years

Promila Mehta-Paul The ex husband, Dr. Shashi Daman Paul, 67,  of Promila Mehta-Paul, 70, the eye doctor that has been missing since March 21, says that he hasn’t talked to his ex-wife Promila in 20 years.   Dr. S. Daman Paul, is a children’s doctor that shares a practice at Children’s Clinic in La Jolla, […]

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Phylicia Barnes and Promila Mehta-Paul

Promila Mehta-Paul (video capture) I know I promised you all an exclusive on the Phylicia Barnes case, but a few others cases have suddenly come up and got in the way. Tonight, I was researching the case of the missing Munster, Indian doctor, Dr. Promila Mehta-Paul, 70, and have found out some new information that […]

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Hailey Dunn: Family mad, authorities back tracking

Hailey Dunn A press conference by Colorado City Manager Pete Kampfer about rumors surrounding the disappearance of Hailey Dunn was held today. The wording on the reward was changed so that it read “any information that leads to the whereabouts of Hailey Dunn,” as opposed to the previous wording that said, “any information that would […]

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