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Hailey Dunn: Family mad, authorities back tracking

Hailey Dunn

A press conference by Colorado City Manager Pete Kampfer about rumors surrounding the disappearance of Hailey Dunn was held today.

The wording on the reward was changed so that it read “any information that leads to the whereabouts of Hailey Dunn,” as opposed to the previous wording that said, “any information that would lead to Hailey and to an arrest.”

That change, along with the statement that Kampfer said on Tuesday that Hailey was likely dead, led to Kampfer having to do some rumor control.

“Reasonably, she probably is deceased, but I’m adding in an aspect of duress that there might be a slim possibility, because I have no proof that she’s totally deceased.  I don’t have that I don’t think anybody does,” said Kampfer.

Hailey’s family was outside during the press conference.  They were extremely mad and said that the police were not giving them any information.  Billie Jean didnt’ say anything because her attorney has told her to keep quiet, but Melinda Salazar, Hailey’s Aunt did. She said they came over for the press conference but they were not let in. 

Why not?  If that is all the city manager said, then why wouldn’t they let them in.  My guess is they knew they were going to be angry, and probably have know for a while that they were angry.  Who wouldn’t be? No Hailey, no arrest(s).

The whole thing has come to a standstill and nothing is moving forward on it.  The city manager came across as though he was pleading for someone to come forward with some type of lead.  Which means they are stuck and have nothing left to go on.

Wasn’t it almost two weeks ago that they took DNA from Shawn Adkins? Has it been done or are the police still waiting for the results.  Listen to the video and tell me what you think? 

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