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Phylicia Barnes and Promila Mehta-Paul

Promila Mehta-Paul (video capture)

I know I promised you all an exclusive on the Phylicia Barnes case, but a few others cases have suddenly come up and got in the way.

Tonight, I was researching the case of the missing Munster, Indian doctor, Dr. Promila Mehta-Paul, 70, and have found out some new information that I think you all will find interesting.

2 thoughts on “Phylicia Barnes and Promila Mehta-Paul

  1. Please follow up about Dr Promila Mehta Paul there is no new information about her. Please do not give up.

  2. There has been nothing new since May, 2011. The FBI searched a lake and came up empty. Unless someone sends in a tip or new information is found, this case may go cold.

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