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Yashanee Vaughn: Missing teen from Portland, Oregon reported Dead

Yashanee Vaughn

Parrish Bennette, 16, has been arrested for the murder of Yashanee Vaughn.  Police got a search warrant based on a tip and then searched his home and collected evidence, which led to his arrest.

I reported on this case yesterday about the family saying the police “dropped the ball” in handling the case of their missing daughter from Portland, Oregon, because they labeled her a runaway .Please click here and read my post yesterday about this if you haven’t already. 

Police have released a timeline of the events and have made a special effort to show that Yashanee’s mother did not report her missing until March 21st and going as far as to say that preliminary evidence show she was killed on March 19th. In otherwards, it wouldn’t have mattered if they had NOT labeled her as a runaway, because she would have still been dead.  Wow, Portland Police, are you so worried you are going to be criticized about her actions on this case, that you are handling out timelines to the media, to make sure nobody blames you?

I have never seen one of these being handed out before.  Here is a copy for you to look at: (BTW, if you can’t read it and want a copy, just email and I will send it to you)

By the way, Yashanee’s body has NOT been recovered at this time.

Please click here and read my post yesterday about this.

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