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Jaiden Henry: Went missing when mother was taking a shower

Jaiden Henry

Update, Update:  Jaiden was with his babysitter, so here’s the scoop.   Authorities found Jaiden with his babysitter in a store at 56th Street and Broadway Avenue, about 4 miles from his mother’s northeast Tampa apartment. Here’s a picture of him on the right with his mom, so you know the info is right.  I still haven’t head the official age.

Update:  Officials have not confirmed this information yet, but a great aunt said the Jaiden is at the babysitter’s home.

There is quite a bit of confusion regarding this missing boy, from him going missing on Sunday or was it Monday, and the age 3 or is it 4.  This is coming from the police dept. so it is difficult to figure out at this point, but regardless he is still missing and a picture will help the search. 

Jaiden Henry, 3, walked out of the front door of his home on 6904 St. Johns River Drive, in Tampa, Florida when his mother went to take a shower around 8:40 a.m.

When Sasha Earnest’s, Jaiden’s mother got out of the shower the front door was wide open. 

Jaiden is black, he was last seen wearing an orange shirt, light blue pants and socks.  He has short hair and wears a stud earring in his right ear. He goes by the nickname ‘JJ.”

Deputies and dogs are searching the Landings complex for the boy and the surrounding area, including the Hillsborough River behind the complex.  

Anyone with information should call 813-247-8200.

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