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Teen missing for 8 years found buried in pauper’s grave

Cemal Cansev

The father of a missing teen has finally found his son who he had been searching for 8 years.

Sahil Cansev filed a missing person’s report on June 27, 2003, when his son, Cemal Cansev did not come home after he said he was going to pick up his report card from school.

Sahil believes that because one of the photos of his son showed he had a shave mark in his left eyebrow, that implied he is a member of the Crips, that the police considered him a runaway and were not too enthusiastic about finding him.  The detectives said they would call, but he never heard anything.

Sahil emigrated with his family from Turkey to America after winning the green card lottery, and said his son never got in trouble and was not involved in gangs.

Sahil went searching for his son on his own and he received numerous tips.  A woman called him and said that  Cemal robbed her in Central Park.  Another called and said he was in a hospital, but it turns out that it was never Cemal, because shortly after he disappeared his body was found in the water off near the 69th Street Pier in Bay Ridge. 

Sahil may have never known what happened to Cermal if it was not for a federal grant, which funded DNA checks on John Doe cases.  When they rechecked, they found that Cermal had been identified as a 25-year-old Asian man, because the ME’s office never did a dental check or fingerprint matching. 

James Greenberg, Sahil’s attorney said, “The city of New York handled the death of Cemal Cansev ineptly, conducting an incomplete and substandard investigation.”

Sometimes we criticize our city government because of how the city is run, but this time they need to be thanked.  The people at the ME office cut corners and didn’t do their job, but the city implemented a program that is invaluable to people of missing persons, that is bringing to attention the mistakes at the ME office, so they can be corrected.   I believe we are going to hear a lot more cases like this coming from the ME’s office in New York.

Also, I want to take the opportunity to remind you to check the Namus website if you have a missing loved one.  It is a database of John Does that are categorized by clothing, tattoos, etc. that is free to use, thanks to the U.S. Government.

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