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Alivia Kail: Clothes, possible blood found in boyfriend’s truck

Alivia Kail

 Update:  Alivia Kail’s boyfriend, Alexander Lorenzi, was arrested on August 10 and is being charged for killing a dog.

Samantina Perri left her dog, Armani, at Lorenzi’s home on Caledonia Way, according to police.  When she got home the dog was dead.

A veterinarian determined that the animal died of recent blunt-force trauma to the kidney and had suffered internal bleeding.

Pittsburgh police were called to the residence because Lorenzi and Samuel Perri, Samatina’s father, were arguing.  They learned about the dog’s deathand later Detectives arrested him on animal cruelty charges.  They found him him standing near a pickup in the garage.  He was attempting to dump a bag of suspected cocaine.  He had $6,000 in case on him and assaulted a detective.


Alivia Kail is still missing and the police searched her boyfriend, Alexander Lorenzi’s home on the 3000 block of Orange Street in Esplen with several search warrants.

There was a lot of stuff that was found in the truck: three spent shell casings, a pink tote bag filled with woman’s clothes, earrings, fishnet stockings, a cooler with ice, sandwiches and miscellaneous food, a white sheet with a possible blood stain on it, and a plane ticket from Pittsburgh to Ft. Myers dated February 27.

In the garage itself, police found two 9mm shell casings inside a vacuum and a .22-caliber casing on the garage floor.

Alivia’s mother identified the woman’s clothes as her daughters. Click here to read more.

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