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Kenia Monge: New details about teen missing from nightclub in Denver

Kenia Monge

Kenia Monge, the 19 year-old that was last seen at a nightclub in Denver is still missing.

New information has come out from the Dir. of Operations for the bar and he says that Kenia WAS NOT drinking. Fine. She may not have bought a drink, but it does not mean she wasn’t drinking. Many of us know that when you go in a group, you have drinks before you go and/or you sneak in a bottle and either pour it into your coke or sneak off to the bathroom.

Now, why I am bringing this up, is not to point fingers, heaven knows, I was 19 once, and I would be the last one to point fingers, but there is a good possibility, like her father said, that she wasn’t in a state of mind to be making a good decision.

Now, to my second thought on all this. I remember way back when I was around 21. I was in a club with my girlfriend at the beach. She was beautiful, and guys would flock just to get a closer look at her. Her name was Bobbie P. and wherever you are hon, you were a good friend, and I hope that life is treating you well. Anyway, because of her looks, no one noticed me and many guys would buy her drinks, so every time we went out, I became the watcher.  Many times she wanted to walk out the door with someone, and I would have to haul her back in and talk some sense in to her.

So, I am wondering why Kenia friend’s were not watching her? Why didn’t they interfere? They said they saw her go to the bathroom, and the bar staff said they saw her go out the door, so we will have to assume they didn’t come to her aid, because they didn’t know she left, AND if she was NOT drinking, then they would be thinking she wasn’t likely going to run off with someone. Nothing adds up with this. Either she was drinking and the DOO is covering his butt, or she wasn’t and nobody felt the need to watch over her, and she just randomly decided to walk away with a stranger. Hmmmm.

I hope that Kenia is found safe and sound.

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