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Lavina Hietala: Have you seen this grandma?

Lavina Hietala

UPDATE 2011 – Justin Hietala pleaded guilty to failing to report his grandmother’s death back in October. Lavina Hietala’s body was found in the Snake River in May about a month after she went missing

Original Story: Lavina Hietala, 72, from Kamiah, Idaho has been missing for an unknown period of time.  The Idaho State Police arrested her grandson Justin Hietalan, 27, for burglary on April 1.

While they were doing their investigation, they realized that Lavina was unaccounted for.

Justin Hietalan

Police are asking if you saw Justin around Monday, March 28, 2001 to call the police and let them know.

And if you have seen Lavina in the last month to call the police and let them know.

Lavina is 5’4″ tall and 220 pounds.  She has gray hair and hazel eyes.

Contact Lt. Charlie Spencer by phone at (208) 799-5020, if you have any information on this case.

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