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Holly Bobo: Woman abducted in Tennessee seen taken into woods Found

Holly Lynn Bobo

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UPDATE  9/8/14 – The TBI has announced that the skull found in Decatur County on Sun. belonged to Holly Bobo.  The skull was along a logging road adjacent to County Corner Road in northern Decatur County in Holladay that is property that belongs to Cory Tubbs.

Tubbs said that the property had been searched many times before.  The area is 11 miles from where Adams Zachary lived.

UPDATE:  9/7/14 – Breaking news:  The TBI is at the scene where a hunter found a human skull.  The location is not far from the home of Zach Adams.

Zach Adams and Jason Autry were both charged with Holly’s kidnapping and murder.

UPDATE:  12/19/13 –
Karen Bobo said the reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction of anyone involved with her daughter Holly Bobo’s disappearance has increased to $250,000.

UPDATE:  4/19/13 – A backpack style brown purse that was found by a dog on Thursday and thought to belong to Holly Bobo was determined to NOT be hers.

Tennessee investigators and the mother of a nursing student say it is not that of Holly Bobo.

Tennessee Bureau of Investigation spokeswoman Kristin Helm said Friday that Bobo’s mother had seen just a photo of the purse two days ago and thought it was her daughter’s. But after seeing it in person Friday, Karen Bobo said it wasn’t, reports the Miami Herald.

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UPDATE:   Country music artist Whitney Duncan is the cousin of Holly Bobo, said . Nashville News Channel 5. 

Whitney posted a plea on her Facebook an hour ago “Can someone please post the amber alert…my phone will not let me. Not getting a lot of service. Thanks for all yours prayers!” 

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is looking for a young woman that was abducted during a home invasion. Holly Lynn Bobo, 20, was abducted around 7:30 a.m. Wednesday morning near her home on Swan John Road in Darden in Decatur County.

Holly was on her way to school at the UT Martin campus when her 25-year-old brother said he saw  a white male dragging Holly through the car port and then  carrying into the woods by a white male, (there has been conflicting statements regarding the first initial media release-see this post to read more) with wearing camo clothing.

It is not known at this time, if the man was inside the home, although it is currently being called a home invasion.  The TBI Violent Crime Response Team is processing the scene at the home.

Officials have been searching the woods on all terrain vehicles and horseback riders trying to find Holly.

Holly is 5’3″ tall, 110 pounds, wearing a pink shirt and light blue jeans.

Anyone with information in the whereabouts of Holly Bobo is urged to call the TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND.

14 thoughts on “Holly Bobo: Woman abducted in Tennessee seen taken into woods Found

  1. I wondered the same thing, but I am thinking he may have seen it from a distance. Maybe he was upstairs looking out the window and by the time he got there he couldn't find her. I am reading everything I can to look for an explanation, and when I find out, I will let you know.

  2. On the news here in VA they said that she walked into the woods with a man. They still say that the brother saw but why would a family member just watch and not do anything about it. Or even say I tried to run after her or call out for her. Something anything!

  3. Holly's mother is acting and her brother is lying. This crime is in the family. The sheriff is being insincere too, but it's likely for show. Look to the family.

  4. Why is it that everyone is so quick to judge everyone else? None of you know the family or the situation. I was born and raised in Decatur County. Unlike what most of you think, not everyone from a rural town is un-educated!! Put yourself in their place and you might change your tune.

  5. I personally know this family they are wonderful people
    – the brother thought it was her and her boyfriend going into the woods because her boyfriend hunts alot and it is turkey season- The family is very devastated and yes put yourself in their place and you would for sure change your tune- praying for your safe retrun Holly

  6. I don't personally know the Bobo family, but some of my good friends in college grew up with Holly and have always been good friends with her. I have seen what they have been going through and I can't even begin to imagine what her family is going through. What aggravates me so bad is the talk and gossip that people are starting. Her family is hurting enough and don't need ignorant people making up stories. I don't know who you are, but how dare you say that her mother is acting and her brother is lying.

  7. I think it's horrible when the family has to deal not only with the tragedy but also rampant unsubstantiated speculation that they had something to do with it. They are the victims twice!

  8. I saw that, too, Chelsea. I also a reporter on Geraldo Rivera's that said, that Clint and the exboyfriend were not on the person's of interest list, but they were not ruling out anyone. It was a confusing statement. Why would the TBI even bring it up?

  9. Somethings wrong with the brothers story. Again, whether or not she was dragged or went willingly, the brothers story reeks of something. The parents would have to be diabolical to cover for the son unless there's a history of something going on within the family. There's something he's not saying

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