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Kenia Monge: Travis Forbes last person to see Kenia
Update:  I have been thinking about this story below since I wrote it up earlier today and I had to come back and say a couple of things.  One.  There was no mention that Kenia was wearing a hood.  I think that Forbes meant a hooded sweatshirt and I am wondering if he gave it to her.  Two.  Forbes is talking a lot.  He keeps talking about this unknown guy, and you know when people keep telling you the same thing over and over, it’s because they want you to believe their lie.  Three.  Why did Forbes take Eddie home?  Why didn’t he take Eddie with him?  I think it’s because he wanted to hook up with Kenia and he gave Eddie the “guy wink-wink” meaning (I want to hit on this girl so go home) and dropped him off.  Four.  The “What was the girl’s name?” question he asks the journalist in the video seems scripted. 


For now, Travis Forbes, 31,  was the last person to see Kenia Monge, the young woman that disappeared from the 24K lounge in Colorado on April 1st, although there was one other man that is still unidentified that was seen with Kenia.

Forbes has come forward to tell everyone that he tried to help Kenia Monge.

“She was really emotional, really upset,” Forbes said.  She said, “My heart is broken.  Why do men treat women like that?”

Forbes told the Denver Post that he was out that night celebrating his sister’s birthday downtown with his friend, Eddie.  He said they saw Kenia wearing a hood and a miniskirt on the way home.  (Reports are that she was wearing a black shirt and black skirt on the night she disappeared).

Forbes said she was friendly and told them she was upset because she split up with her boyfriend.

“She was very inebriated and emotional and I was just trying to figure out where she had come from, who her friends were,” Forbes said. “When we found her at 2:30 in the morning, she was drunk.”

Eddie and Forbes sat in their car trying to figure out how to help Kenia.  Kenia used Forbes’ cell phone to call her phone, but no one answered it.  Forbes drove her to the nightclub but it was closed so he decided to take her to her home in Aurora that was close to the bakery where he worked.  Forbes first dropped Eddie off at his house, and then Kenia said she wanted some cigarettes.  They stopped at a Conoco gas station, but it was closed.   As Forbes began to drive away, Kenia saw a man with a cigarette and asked Forbes to stop and she jumped out and ran over to the man. 

Forbes said, he saw Kenia walking and talking with the man and it was as though Kenia had forgotten about him.

“Until they find this girl, it’s going to weigh on me.  I do feel responsible.  I chose not to care, to be indifferent,” said Forbes.

5 thoughts on “Kenia Monge: Travis Forbes last person to see Kenia

  1. Another sign of lying is that you tend to forget to use contractions. Like when he answered “I did not” twice.

    Some might ask, if he was guilty, why would he text her phone the next day? They wouldn't even know about him otherwise.

    Well, since she borrowed his cell phone to call her cellphone, his phone number would be on it. So he knew that they would already have his cell number and that he would be a suspect anyway. So he decided to send a text to her phone to make himself look more innocent.

  2. Ok, I used to deliver to the vitamin cottage he used to work at on weekly basis before he left to work for debbies. I interacted with this clown for years. I know people pretty well and my analysis of this individual is as follows; he is a sociopath, and a pathological liar with an unstable personality from a troubled youth. Now in the video 3:22 we see the motivation for his passion 'she chose to walk off' with this guy. There is no doubt in my mind of knowing this clown that this theatre of his is unconvincing and hope that the Denver PD can get to the bottom of this.

  3. I have also had the unpleasant experience of dealing with this douchebag for too long. He is violent when he doesn't get his way, especially when he is on drugs.. Which, depending on the day/week/month, can be large amounts…still… It just may no longer be Demerol.. I can verify that he has actually admitted that he diagnosed himself as narsacistic with sociopathic tendencies. And on top of all that he is a pathological liar. Now- knowing and seeing these behaviors, as well as catching him in lies- watching his interview with 9 news was terribly destirbing.

    The words, “I did, actually, contemple double homicide/ suicide” come ringing back to my ears and are accompanied by a 20 sec clip of video in my mind that I doubt I'll ever be able to turn off. That smug controlling manipulative grin will live on in my head forever. And then looked me in the eye justified to himself (and me in his head) why I had deserved death already in his mind as well as his thought process for this.. I don't even want to get in to the rest- because it goes in to things that you know have happened, but you'll never be able prove to the police.
    I have cried for this girl several times since I saw this story & I want to see him put away so he'll never harm anyone again. He's only nice on the surface… Don't get too close. You'll find a web of lies that go on forever.
    You are all very right. There are so many holes in his story. Where are the security cameras for the other 2 places he claims to have visited that night? A major gas station & a major nightclub… Just please tell me the police are looking for the return of the van out front around 2:30 in the morning, as well as surveillance of this mysterious man that Kenia walked off with… Show me that footage – and only then will I believe that he did not do this.
    If they don't get him- he will become fascinated with getting away with it, and try again. And trust me, there's good reason to be afraid.

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