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Holly Bobo: FBI says “led away” not dragged through carport

Holly Bobo

Remember last night, I wrote about Holly not being dragged away. Now the FBI is using the words “led away” in the missing person information that they released today. You can read the whole story here: Holly Bobo: FBI says “led away” not dragged through carport – National missing persons |

2 thoughts on “Holly Bobo: FBI says “led away” not dragged through carport

  1. Hi, I posted earlier today (anon) on the other thread.

    What bothers me about the FBI claim is a neighbor apparently called 911 because they heard a scream. Now maybe the FBI agent was holding something back, but I can't imagine the brother would just go back to what he was doing if his sister screamed. That would also dispute that she went off willingly with someone.

    I found that interesting about finding the camo clothing, lunchbox, etc. It sounds like either it was left so it was easily found or someone is giving some good tips. I think if they can locate her (unfortunately, I don't believe this will end well) an arrest will come shortly.


    Mark Fuhrman was on Greta: He called and confirms law enforcement is saying she was “led away in fear of her life” although no weapon was seen. He did not know if the brother changed or added to his earlier story or if this is just a correction by LE. He also said the brother was the only one at home at the time.

    He said he finds the case conflicting as to why the brother wouldn't have gone after his sister if she was dragged away. Or later after he saw the blood and called 911.

    Also interesting: Dogs could not pick up a scent that would indicate she was dragged or taken into the woods.

    Supposedly the (ex-) boyfriend and brother have been cleared. Fuhrman didn't know if this is because they cleared up lingering questions or took a lie detector test. I wonder if they're saying this hoping the suspect will let his guard down.

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