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Holly Bobo: No dragging of Holly

Holly Bobo

UPDATE  9/8/14 – The TBI has announced that the skull found in Decatur County on Sun. belonged to Holly Bobo.

Click here to see what the FBI said.

New information has been slim on the case of missing Holly Bobo, from Tennesee.  The police have not let any information out.  No suspected vehicle type, no description of the man, other than camo clothing, nothing, and that came from her brother.

Also, many are wondering and even going as far as blaming her brother, who was there during the incident for not intervening.

I think too many are jumping to conclusion.  There was no doubt in my mind that he would have intervened if he could have, but my first guess was that maybe he couldn’t. Maybe he was upstairs and saw what was going on from an upstairs window or maybe the guy had a gun to Holly’s head and he couldn’t do anything.

So, after much digging, I have come across this information.  Mind you, I have no verification, but many times, information like this comes out to be true.  This information make more sense than anything else that is out there.

According to the source, Holly had two ex-boyfriends.  One from a few days ago and the other, she had a restraining order against, because he threatened to kill her. 

Holly left the house to go to school and her brother heard her arguing with her ex-boyfriend Drew who was dressed in camo, outside the home.  He saw them both walking towards the wooded area of the yard, and he went back to what he was doing.  About an hour later he noticed his sister’s car was still in the driveway.  He called his parents, a friend of Holly’s and then the ex-boyfriend, and then the police. 

Holly’s other ex-boyfriend was at work earlier and then left and he has not been seen since.

So, according to this information there was no dragging.  Holly was not dragged into the woods.  I hope tomorrow the police have a press conference, to help straighten out the rumor mill.

6 thoughts on “Holly Bobo: No dragging of Holly

  1. I hope you are right. The mother was supposedly at the house at the time (according to news). And the police are apparently not commenting on the question as to why the brother wouldn't help. So you'd think they'd be looking at ex's and bringing them in for questioning. But what really bothers me: I saw the parents at a news conference. There's something hinky here. The mother's plea reminded me a LOT of Susan Smith–that's just a gut check. I hope I'm wrong.

  2. The news report that said mom was at home was WRONG! (Imagine that, the media got something WRONG!) She left for work earlier than Holly and she was at work when this happened.

  3. The mother seemed quite overwhelmed. I understand the parents had left early for work. A strange time indeed for someone to show up at the house? Was Holly outside? The brother is TWENTY – FIVE and reported to be a hunter/ knowing the woods. He would know the boyfriend – he'd come in a car.

    What then made the brother go out into driveway and see BLOOD – how much? It seems impossible that Holly (BLEEDING) wouldn't be screaming/struggling for her older brother? Did he RUN into woods after he called 911. I KNOW I would if it were a relative of mine. My 11 yr old son saved his 9 yr old cousin!!

    There had to be a trail –broken branches etc. Were dogs brought in? Was there another road beyond back woods? What kind of relationship was there between Holly and brother? It 'appears' that if some stranger was abducting her – the house would be the last place NOT knowing who was at home? She could just as well have been kidnapped on that rural road – at parking lot where she went to school etc?

    WHY was blood in driveway when she was dragged out back? At place where she was studying? Was there a janitor/ worker who was watching her? Did she mention untoward advances? SOMEONE knew that house/ property/ time of parents going to work. Wouldn't they know about an older brother? Camouflage clothing?

    This is a small area. Is there an Army Navy store etc that sells this type of clothing? It seems that this person would have worn this descriptive clothing on other days – that someone would KNOW of this clothing? What about Church – any peculiar people there watching her? Did anybody call in sick where she was studying to be a nurse?

    What time did the parents leave —-time elapsed before 911 call? Something something is not adding up. A person kidnapping a beautiful young person like this would want to get away quick. STRANGE this lunchbox found 8 miles away. WHY would Holly being kidnapped lalala be holding onto a lunchbox.

    Was she leaving for schooling? She would have had to be driven to such a location – the lunchbox would have been dropped hear her home? Left in car? In cases like this EVERYBODY is suspect – everybody. When a pervert attempted to abduct my young son/ niece the first thing the police found out was the # of those with sex profiles in this upscale neighborhood with Wall Street brokers – professionals.

    I was shocked. Were there any sexual predators residing in this area – If you google your town and sex criminals (registered) you'll see how many are all around you. A little girl in our area (age 12) from a beautiful family was ABDUCTED and sexually assaulted killed by her uncle. NOTHING would stop me from saving my child (sister – brother) NOTHING.

    Others can answer for themselves. I would NOT have stayed in that house –knowing my sister could very well be killed.

  4. all great points, i have a gut feeling the brother DEFINETELY KNOWS MORE..i HOPE IM WRONG. i havent spoken to my sister in 2 years and if i seen that, gun or not id be in the woods. Something just doesnt feel right about this brother, and question, how long since seeing the incident and 911 call, how much time elapsed??

  5. I'm trying to remember, but I think around 20 minutes. I know it was a neighbor that called 911 because of hearing a scream and that the brother called the mother because of what he saw.

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