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Missing WWII Pilot identified

I am hoping with the government working steadily on identifying veterans, I am hoping that I will be able to report more and more of these cases.

Lt. Martin Murray

U.S. Army Air Force Second Lieutenant Martin Murray, from Massachusetts, who disappeared when he was 21 on October 27, 1943, remains has been identified.

Murray was flying with 11 crew members to New Guinea with the plane went missing.  Even thought the Army did a search and rescue, the plane was never found until a villager found the crashed plane in 2003. 

The area was so remote it took the government four years to reach the wreckage.  (Come on, you gotta give the government the thumbs up for not giving up).

After spending months searching the site and recovering remains, in 2011 they were able to identified the remains of the crew, including Lt. Murray, using dental records and DNA evidence.

Lt. Murray will be buried in Marshfield on Saturday by his cousins with full military honors.

75,000 Americans involved in WWII are still missing.

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