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Would you back the idea of satellites locating missing persons?

If I told you that by using the government’s own satellites, that every missing person in the U.S. could be found immediately after they went missing, would you like that idea?

Bill Tomsick, 63, of Cape Coral, Florida, has been working on this idea for years.

Tomsick’s idea is to re-position some of the U.S. military satellite so they can be used to find missing person in the U.S.

“Using this technology it would allow police to zoom in on any crime scene and follow the perpetrators to wherever they are in real time.  They could rescue the victim and solve the crime…within minutes.”

Tomsick says that the satellite technology is so advanced that by an operator punching in GPS coordinates and rolling back a video tape from the crime scene they can see a bird’s eye view of a kidnapping taking place.

Tomsick also states it would save the government milling of dollars. 

“The search for Lacy Peterson cost multiple millions of dollars.  Via a satellite, the dumping of her body would have been seen.  Besides money, think of all the years of pain her family would have been spared as well.”

Using satellites for crime prevention (can you image how crime would go down once a criminal knows they can be seen in the air doing a crime) is Tomsick’s goal.  He has a letter writing campaign to get members of Congress to enact this idea and asks everyone on his Facebook page to join him by copying and sending the already written letters to our government.

“Privacy matters will have to be addressed, but we already have camera on many street corners and in most stores.”

Would you give up your privacy to assure that not another single human being disappears? 

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