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Unlawful Flight: A Parental Kidnapping
Parental Kidnapping

I have been wanting to bring this to everyone’s attention about how many noncustodial parents that have taken their children and are hiding, are reporting the children as dependents on their tax returns.

You would think that the police could take this information and run with it, but because of privacy laws and non communication from state to state, these children remain hidden, even though the noncustodial parent has plainly told the IRS exactly where they are.  

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Since the mid 70’s, parents are responsible for getting their children a social security number.  They even go as far as handing out forms and instructions as soon as your child is born, to make sure you don’t forget to get your child a SSN.  But, to make double sure you do, the IRS will not allow you to claim your child a dependent unless they have a SSN.  

Recently, I read a story where a Brooklyn woman, Susan Lau, whose son had been missing since he was 9, got a tip that her husband had claimed her son on his tax return from the I.R.S.

Susan had filed her taxes and had put her son down as a dependent.  The IRS, themselves, told her that her dependent claim had been disallowed because someone else had claimed him as a dependent.

Susan was elated as this was confirmation that her child was alive, and she could finally find him, but the IRS would not tell her where her child was.  They said it was information they were allowed to give out. 

Cindy Rudometki of the Polly Klass Foundation says she believes hundreds of cases would be resolved if the IRS would tell parents they know where there children are, but they won’t. 

Amy Klobuchar

But, help is on the way.  Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Sen. John Corynyn, R-Texas is sponsoring the Klobuchar bill where the IRS would be able to release the identities to the police, so they can track down a child, who is with a noncustodial parent that is using the child’s SSN on their tax return.  The Access to Information About Missing Children Act of 2011 (S. 225), will close this loophole with the IRS.

So, now that you know this, if your child was missing and you knew a non custodial parent had them, but you didn’t know where they were at, would you consider doing what Susan did and claim your child as a dependent, in hopes the IRS would notify you they were still alive?

Of course (disclaimer coming) no one should break the law, but if all the people that are looking for their missing child, an approximately 200,000 per year, were to take the above action, I bet the Klobuchar bill would pass. OR you could sign the petition below.

And what happened to Susan?  She was eventually reunited with her child, who was located in Utah.  He was 15.

UPDATE: BTW  Latest Major Action on the below bill was on 8/2/2012 – Placed on Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. Calendar No. 487.

Click here to sign the petition:  Help Find Missing Children

Klobuchar bill to help locate missing children

Under the Access to Information About Missing Children Act of 2011(S. 225), it will  help federal, state, and local law enforcement locate missing children whose whereabouts could be discovered through basic information on federal tax returns.
It would amend, “the federal criminal code to allow, upon ex parte application to a federal judge or magistrate, the disclosure of any information held by any federal agency to federal officers or employees who are personally and directly engaged in an investigation, judicial or administrative proceeding, or federal grand jury proceeding relating to the case of a missing or exploited child.  Prohibits the disclosure of information that would identify a confidential informant or seriously impair a civil or criminal investigation.”

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