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George Delany: Body of missing RIT student found

George DeLany

Authorities believe they have found the body of George DeLany the 21-year-old Rochester Institute of Technology student whose family lives in Frederick, Maryland.

I got a request from BeckyJo to run George DeLany’s story.  He left the  RIT campus in Chili, New York and told everyone he would be right back.  This case struck close to home as I  have cousin’s that live in Frederick, Maryland and the story of his disappearance was so strange, because people saw him stuck in the snow.

A man looking for antler sheds found a body around 6:45 last night and authorities believe it is George.  They also found a tool box with his personal effects near by.

George was in a remote area about two miles east of where his car was found.  There was no sign of foul play, but his cell phone is still missing. It is a mystery as to why he was where he was.


On March 14, 2011, his car got stuck in mud and a couple reported they saw him by his car and asked if he needed help and he said, no. 

Another witness  said they saw a white Ford Escape trying to pull Delaney’s vehicle out of a ditch on Saturday night.  A couple of hours later, George’s car was still there, but the Ford Escape was gone.

 An autopsy is scheduled today by the Medical Examiner’s office. 

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