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Holly Bobo: Director of TBI speaks

Since the beginning of the case of missing Holly Bobo, I couldn’t believe all the misinformation that was coming out.

First, she was drug away and then she was led away into the woods by a man in camouflage clothing. I was trying to wrap my mind around where all this misinformation was coming from.

All my years doing this I have seen small errors in reported, but nothing as big as reported a person being drug and then find out later it was not the case.  Most of the time I am amazed at the correct information that gets out, in spite of the authorities trying to hinder it.  So, you have to ask, why is this case so full of misinformation?  Where is it coming from? 

Did Holly’s brother, Clint, tell the police dispatcher in his excitement that someone came into the house and drug Holly into the woods? Or was it a media outlet, wanting to spice up an initially benign report, change the words from led to drug across a carport.

From the beginning, questions and comments abound from the public. If the brother saw her being drugged why didn’t he come to her aid?  And then there are comments about crocodile tears coming from the mother.  A lot of us are playing armchair detectives and mean no harm, we are just trying to figure out what is going on.

Earlier this evening a reporter on Geraldo Rivera said that the brother and ex boyfriend were not persons of interest and now the police are saying they have not ruled anyone out.  Anyone.  They didn’t say not ruling the brother and ex boyfriend out, exclusively, they said, anyone.

As you watch the video, you can hear the Director saying that, but as you watch him, it almost seems as though there is something he is hiding?  It’s more of what he is not saying than what he is saying. 

I remembered earlier on, around Thursday of last week, a person reported that the ex-boyfriend had not been accounted for and that he had gone to his job and then left and had not been back. I have not seen any more about this.

I know by now the media would have tracked down the ex-boyfriend to talk to him.  They would have tracked down the boyfriend to talk to him.  All I am seeing is the parents.

Is it possible that the ex-boyfriend is missing? What do you think? 

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