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Austin and Edward Bryant: Age progression photos released


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I remember when I was a kid, especially during the summer, there was an tv ad that started with a tone and then the announcer said, “It’s 10:00.  Do you know where your children are?”

I’m sure that would be a strange announcement to hear nowadays.  First, because parents are not letting their children run loose anymore and second, who would need reminders about where there own child is.

I guess back in the 60’s parents were so laid back, they had to be reminded that there kids were running the streets and it was past curfew.

Anyway, what brought this to mind, was Austin and Edward Bryant.  They are out there somewhere and have been for a while and their adopted parents didn’t care enough to go looking for them.

Austin Bryant and Edward Bryant have been missing sometime between 2001 and 2005, but their adoptive parents, Linda and Edward Bryant did not report them missing and continued to receive support payments from El Paso County.

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Currently the parents are being held in jail on a $1 million bond.

The police are doing all they can to search for the boys and today released age-progression photos of what the boys would look like now.  As a side note, kudos to the police, as these age-progression pictures are the most realistic and best I have ever seen.

Please take time to look at the photos and post this article on Facebook or send as email, so we can get the word out that these boys are missing.  Thanks!

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