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Holly Bobo: Psychics offering leads

Sylvia Browne

Missing Person Tennessee

Holly Bobo’s remains were found.

Back on March 13th, I read that Marc Klaas said that no one has been found because of a Psychic.

That statement made me curious so, I called out to Psychic’s to let me know if they have ever found a missing person or if anyone knew of a psychic that found a missing person, or if you have been found, as a direct result of a Psychic.  So far, no one has come forward. Click here to read the story.

Today, Benjamin Radford has written an article (click here to read) about all the Psychic’s that are coming forward with leads on missing Holly Bobo.

“There are thousands of self-proclaimed psychics who claim to be able to find missing persons, including TV personalities like Sylvia Browne, Allison DuBois, and Carla Baron. If they truly have the powers they claim, why aren’t those psychics leading police to rescue these innocent victims within hours or days of their abductions?” says Radford.

Good point.  So, where are you Sylvia Browne?  How about you Allison DuBois?  Busy with the Housewife’s of Orange County?  We want to hear from you.  There’s a substantial reward.

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