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Mary Ann Zarb: Four arrested in her home said they were hired to do remodeling

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 Shane Simpkins was found guilty of the April 2011 murder of Mary Ann Zarb.

Simpkins, 26, of Cape Coral, was found guilty of second-degree murder, burglary of a dwelling, and grand theft in connection with the Estero woman’s death.


The four people that were found inside missing Mary Ann Zarb’s home say they were hired by Zarb to do some remodeling for her.

• 19-year-old Stephen Smutney
• 18-year-old Nicole Durden
• 17-year-old Tiffany Sipp
• 24-year-old Shane Simpkins.

Greg Lewis, Mary Ann’s son said he notified the police his mother was missing when he had not heard from her in over a week.

Nicole Durden said that Mary Ann hired her and her friends to do some work in her home and that’s what they were doing when the police arrived. She also said that Mary Ann is in Tampa somewhere and that she told them it was okay to use her car and to watch her dog for her.

As I posted earlier today, the four were arrested on drug charges and in the police report the deputy said he saw Simpkins snorting cocaine.

Friends did say that Mary Ann had recently hired at least one person to do some remodeling for her.

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