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Holly Bobo: Press Conference April 18

Per Will Nunley, there was no press conference today (Tuesday), because there was nothing to update.  There was one yesterday with TBI Director Mark Gwynn  and it is posted above.

I applaud how the whole town has come out to help, but wish every town would do this when one of their own disappears.  Some families can’t even get one reporter to write up that their loved one is missing, and rely solely on the police to look for them, as they have no volunteers to help them search, nor people donating to a reward fund.

I am so happy for Holly that so many are searching for her, but also so sad for the thousands of others that don’t get this much exposure.

Tonight Decatur County, particularly the Parson’s area was hit with a violent thunderstorm.  The search will begin again tomorrow morning.

With a heavy-heart, I say goodnight, and I’ll see you all tomorrow.

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